IMGMA 2022 Spring Conference

Friday, May 6, 2022

Friday Closing Keynote Session - Laughter & CPR for Your Attitude

Are you frazzled and burnt out from the last two years?  Does your attitude need a boost?  Laughter & CPR with Desi Payne will give you the boost you need to go back to work and face life’s challenges.

Do you work with people who drag their feet into work, growl and murmur, give blank stares, aren't engaged with their work, or poison other co-workers? Or maybe they habitually bite and devour others with their words and actions? Do you work with people who suck the very life out of you? Or could you possibly be infected with this epidemic, and you don't know it? Desi will teach you how to adjust attitudes with this fun and interactive breakout session.


Teddy Roosevelt said, "The most important ingredient for the formula for success is how to get along with other people." This program emphasizes how important it is to get along with other people and to take your own daily attitude pulse. The results of adjusting attitudes for team members: Boost morale, positive customer service, promote teamwork, increase productivity, increase retention, and create a more positive work environment.  Participants will leave refreshed and have their attitudes adjusted from “CPR” as well as laugh a lot!

Desi Payne

Desi Payne is a John Maxwell International Team Member and Coach, with a BA in Education.  
Desi Payne loves to motivate employees by helping them adjust their attitudes to create a positive work environment. Desi has over 25 years of experience working in healthcare as a patient advocate, customer service and leadership trainer, humor therapy department and is an award-winning entertainer.   She is also an international speaker with the John Maxwell Leadership Team and has traveled across America and internationally teaching leadership principles.  She has shared the stage with John Maxwell, Nick Vujicic, and American Ninja Warrior Alex Weber. She is the author of Do You Work with the Living Dead? and Give Me Some Chocolate…I’m Stressed! She is also a Stress Less Coach helping people to manage the stress in their lives.  She will be appearing on America’s Funniest Videos as a top contestant this Spring.



The participants will be able to:

1. Cite five different workplace zombies in the workplace

2. Cite five strategies on how to work with a negative person

3. Discuss with other participants how to reboot their brains which will help them have a better attitude and get along better with patients and other healthcare workers.