IMGMA 2022 Spring Conference

May 4 - 6, 2022

Keynote Speakers:

Sherene McHenry - The People IQ Expert


Desi Payne - The Power of Laughter

IMGMA 2022 Platinum Sponsors

Conference Location: 

Hy-Vee Hall
The Iowa Event Center

730 Third Street
Des Moines, IA 50309

The IMGMA Discounted Hotel (Hilton Downtown) rate of $145 expires
April 12, 2022



The IMGMA Spring Conference offers dynamic education, new ideas and the inspiration you need to be a successful leader. This conference was designed to give you current tools and networking time with your peers. In a professional and fun environment, we strive to provide timely information that will assist healthcare leaders to navigate through the daily challenges of running a medical practice so that the patient care provided in the ambulatory setting is held to the highest standard. 



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Please note that while all meeting attendees are invited to the Exhibit Hall, any person(s) who HAVE NOT paid for an Exhibit Booth at the conference who is observed to be soliciting business in the aisles or other public spaces, in another company’s booth, who is in violation of any portion of the Exhibit Policy, will be asked to leave immediately. Additional penalties may be applied.
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