Payer Relations Committee Updates and Resources

Meeting Notes

Meeting summaries are sent out by Email following each meeting.  Members can access previous emails in the Member Center:

>Sign In to the IMGMA website

>Navigate to Member Center (If the Member Center does not automatically launch)

>Open My Communications

Submit Payer issues

IMGMA Membership has the opportunity to submit issues throughout the year.  The Payer Relations Committee (CLICK HERE TO SEE COMMITTEE MEMBERS), hold quarterly meetings to discuss current issues and upcoming policy changes.

Questions and issues can be submitted via the online Payer Question Form.  These questions and the payer responses can be found in Pakker (see below)

Payer Issue Tracking Online Database - Pakker

Pakker is an online database where all questions submitted with the respective responses from payers, which should save IMGMA members time, when looking back to see if a question has already been submitted.   

  • Please complete the OPT IN FOR PAKKER FORM if you want to have access to the IMGMA Payer Issue Tracking online database.  A separate email will be sent from IMGMA when you have been given access to the database, so that you can watch for your enrollment email from Pakker.
  • Download the Pakker_HowTOAccess Document

Upcoming Committee and Payer Event Dates

The next committee meeting will be held in Des Moines on June 2nd, 2022

Mark your Calendars for NOVEMBER 2nd & 3rd for the Annual Panel of Payers Event

Find previous meeting notes in the Member Area under My Communications

Reach out to a committee member

IMGMA Payer Relations Committee members are available to you as a resource.  Feel free to reach out to one of them by email or phone.  If they are not able to answer your question, they will be able to connect you with somone who can.



NOTE:  The information below demonstrates the resources the committee is developing

References by Payer

Wellmark WINS Page

Amerigroup - Provider Rep Map

Iowa Total Care - Provider Rep Page

IME Contacts

Amerigroup - System Configuration (Issues) List

Iowa Total Care - System Configuration (Issues) List

United Healthcare Policies



Payer 1

Payer 2

Payer 3

Payer 4

- Wellness billing / coding matrix by payer



- How to start a project (multiple claims denying for same reason)

- Outstanding Issues List / Tracking - Sample EXCEL Template

Sample Policies & Procedures

- Small Balance Write Off

- No Surprises Policy

- Financial Hardship Process

- Non-Physician Services Billing Policy

- Down-Time Procedure

Sample Forms

- Standard Practice Disclosure

- Financial Agreement

- Face Sheet (Paper back-up)