IMGMA Committees

Membership Committee

The membership committee promotes IMGMA activities and interests to members and seeks to recruit new IMGMA members.  The committee is responsible for overseeing the IMGMA website and newsletter.

Committee members have a visible presence at the spring and fall conferences and hold new member orientation at these events.  The committee strives for membership representing all areas of the state.

Committee Chair

Darla Stone
Committee Members
Erin Dalziel
Doug Darnell 
Brian Grimes
Peggy Hanner
Steve Juve
Denise Kaestner
Kathleen Schuster
Mark Thayer
Sandy Viers (Board Liaison)

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee develops and plans the spring and fall educational conferences. The committee’s main focus is on educational content, but they have input on all aspects of conference development including site locations and meeting dates. The committee strives for membership representing all areas of the state. 
Committee Chair
Joetta Promes (Co-Chair)
Karen Story (Co-Chair)
Committee Members
Jillian Boardman
Erin Dalziel
Matt Evans
Steve Juve
Jennifer Moore
Ron Paar
Sara Parris
Jenni Talbott (Board Liaison)


Payer Relations Committee

The payer relations committee acts as a liaison between the insurance carriers, and other entities whose policies or operations may have a financial impact on the delivery of healthcare, and phyisician offices.

The committee is comprised of members from specific areas of the state and represent all specialties.  Regular meetings are held quarterly with the major carriers in the state:  Medicare, Medicaid, Aetna, United Healthcare, Amerigroup and Wellmark.  



Committee Co-Chairs

Holli Lancaster (Central)
Trish Hohnecker (NE)
Committee Members
Kelli Anderson (Central)
Tricia Banowetz (NE)
Cassie Boone (NE)
Darcy Fahrenkrug (SE)
Andrea Fetters (Central)
Gerri Lyons (SW)
Kay Spear (Central)
Megan Threlkeld (SE)
Trina Tucker (SE)
Kady Reese (Guest IMS)

Legislative Committee

The Legislative Committee shall monitor and influence state and federal legislation and administrative policy which may impact the practice of medicine in Iowa and subsequently the members of IMGMA.

It shall, in accordance with policy approved by the IMGMA board, recommend adoption to the board specific policy provisions on particular legislative bills or administrative policy, which do not conflict with the mission of IMGMA and promote action on these policies.  The goal of the membership in the committee would be to have representatives from each Federal congressional district as the composition of the Legislative Committee.

Committee Chairs

Mark Thayer
Committee Members
Kim Burchett
Alex Galindo
Chris Heesch
Trish Hohnecker
Mary Jo Lamoureaux
Rob Poetting
Dave Weiss

Dennis Tibben (Guest IMS)
Matt Eide (IMGMA Lobbyist)
Kate Walton (IMGMA Lobbyist)

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee provides oversight of the finances of IMGMA and reports to the IMGMA Board of Directors.  The Finance Committee would conduct or initiatie periodic reviews by a 3rd party to validate IMGMA financial processes and standings.

Committee Chair
Joetta Promes
Committee Members
Dan Carpintero
Peggy Hanner
Sara Parris
De Schieltz
Dave Weiss