Membership Categories

Active Membership:
Active Members are individuals who are employed by an entity providing or facilitating the provision of, health care delivery in a medical practice.  The individual must be employed by a medical practice with at least one full time licensed physician.  An active member is entitled to vote, hold office, or serve on any committee. Membership dues are $135 per year.
Affiliate Membership:
Affiliate Members are organizations or individuals which provide products and services directly to health care delivery organizations. Examples of these are accounting/financial services, legal or consulting services, data processing or information management systems/services, insurance plans/agents, HMOs or like entity, medical systems/suppliers; or an organization or individual that provides health care services by non-physician providers such as physical therapy services, home health services, ancillary services, etc. Affiliate members cannot vote, hold office or serve on committees. Affiliate Membership is included with Gold & Silver Sponsorship, and are not available independent of sponsorships.

Allied Membership:

An allied member is an individual who is serving in an administrative capacity within a formally organized and legally recognized allied health practice.  The term "allied health” provider shall be limited to practice of licensed social work, doctors of podiatry, physical therapy, optometry, psychology, massage therapy, or midlevel providers. An allied member cannot vote, hold an office, or be chair of a committee or subcommittee, bu may serve on committees.  Membership dues are $135 per year.

Student Membership:
A Student Member  is an individual pursuing a Business, Accounting, Healthcare Administration or Healthcare Management degree and who is currently a junior, senior or graduate student, is eligible for membership. A student member cannot vote, hold an office, or be a chair of a committee, but may serve on committees. Membership dues are $25 per year.
(please note that Student Members must be prepared to provide IMGMA a copy of their valid and current Student ID card as requested in order to confirm enrollment).  
Faculty Membership:
A faculty member is an individual who is actively teaching business or healthcare administration in an accredited college or university.  The facutly member must not qualify in any other category of membership.  A faculty member cannot vote, hold an office, or be a chair of a committee or subcomitteee, but may serve on committees. Membership dues are $135 per year.
Life Member:
A life member is an IMGMA member who permanently retires or becomes disassociated from active medical group practice management and who has been an active or associated member for at least fifteen (15) years. Live members shall pay no dues or have no vote within the IMGMA, but shall be considered a guest in regard to the educational component of the registration fees of IMGMA at all state functions.  A life member shall be responsible for payment of any social event fees applicable during attendance at IMGMA functions/meetings.. 


Inactive Member:

An inactive member is any member in good standing who is no longer active in medical group practice management but who wishes to maintain contact with the Association.  An individual can be an inactive member for the balance of the current year plus one calendar year.  For the first six months after becoming inactive, that individual can continue to vote, hold office, or be chair of a committee.  Following that six month period, an inactive member may only continue to serve on committees.  


Tax Deduction Information:  Because of lobbying activities on behalf of IMGMA members - 81% of member association dues may be deductible.  Please consult your tax professional.